Combining backgrounds
Smith & Stark is a unique partnership of two of the most experienced public affairs professionals in the Pacific Northwest.  Combining different political backgrounds with complementary skills, Smith & Stark focuses on achieving sustainable results to business challenges and opportunities.  Gary and Don have developed a deep understanding of the region’s politics.  They understand the region’s diverse constituencies and viewpoints and how they affect the choices of our political leaders.


Our Synergy
The partnership of Gary Smith and Don Stark creates a synergy drawn from their decades of experience, respect for each other as professionals, and dedication to client success. 


Our Teams
While Gary and Don form the core of the team that creates great results for their clients, their model is a lean and simple one that enables them to partner with other top professionals around the Northwest, based on the client’s needs.   Rather than carrying a lot of staff, as they each have in their past businesses, they use their extensive relationships and flexible model to build distinct teams for each client and project, always finding the best combination of talent, price, and fit.



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